Accessories, Tools & Wiring Kits

  • REDEYE Laser Aiming Tool

    Aiming driving lamps has never been so easy! Read More >>
    Aiming driving lamps has never been so easy thanks to COBRA II Series REDEYE™, Roadvision's latest innovative design. REDEYE™ takes the guess work out of aiming driving lamps - simply push the REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool into the top of the lamp, press the button and the laser points to the exact position the lamp is aimed. REDEYE™ also features a level bubble for coarse adjustment and securely houses the Allen key for tightening the mounting bolts. With REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool, lamps can be aimed day or night with fine accuracy.
  • Remote Control Wiring Loom

    Roadvision AIRWIRE™... Revolutionising Driving Lamp Wiring

    FITTING DRIVING LAMPS HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! AIRWIRE™ takes all the effort out of installing driving lamps… A simple kit that can be easily fitted by workshops or the DIY handyman. No need to drill holes in the firewall or mount switches in the dash… Simply mount the receiver box and connect directly to the battery, splice in the high beam feed, plug in the driving lamps and cigarette lighter transmitter and you are done… It’s that easy.